Sub sandwhich shop in Cedar Rapids IA

Sub Sandwiches in Cedar Rapids, IASub City was started in New Jersey by Bob Dickson.  The first Sub City was located in the living room of his private home.  His reputation for the biggest and best subs around, at a fair price, spread fast.  In a very short time Sub City became one of the most popular sub shops in the area.  In 1985 Bob Dickson moved to Iowa and opened the first Sub City of Iowa.  We make our subs exactly the way he made them in New Jersey.

No precut meats or cheeses at Sub City!  We custom make every sub.  We cut every slice of meat and cheese right in front of you!  NO REAL SUBMARINE SANDWICH SHOP PRE-CUTS MEAT AND CHEESE!  Anytime you walk into an establishment that claims to be a submarine sandwich shop, if you don't see a big meat slicer looking you square in the eye BE ASSURED, YOU ARE NOT IN A REAL SUBMARINE SANDWICH SHOP!

  • We give away one free sub everyday.

  • We have more than 30 different subs.

  • All whole subs are over one foot long.

  • Sub City is the 100%, guaranteed, authentic New Jersey submarine sandwich shop!

  • Convenient fax menu.

  • Party subs and party trays.

     We urge you to try any of our competitors and compare!  Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and many people are trying to imitate Sub City.  But please remember and don't be fooled THERE IS ONLY ONE REAL SUB CITY!

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